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Part 1: Post a Response


You did it! You’ve reached the end of this course. In doing so, you’ve developed your skills in organizational behavior and leadership. Take what you have learned and continue to apply it, both in your MBA courses and in your career.

In our last discussion, reflect on your experience in this course by addressing the following items in your response:

  • What skills do you feel you developed most in this course?
  • How do you plan to continue growing your leadership and organizational behavior skills you identified above?

More of a feel-good message but hey you earned it!

**Please try to look at 2 Post as below for use references**



Part 2: Respond to a Peer


Read a post by one of your peers and respond, making sure to extend the conversation by asking questions, offering rich ideas, or sharing personal connections.


Post 1


I am so confused! I thought courses were twelve weeks. What a great suprise! I can not believe I already made it to the end. I completed the survey and am happy to report that I had all great reviews. Although it was extra work, I really enjoyed the daily bonuses. I enjoyed it not because of the extra points (which is nice) but I actually really truly believe that the daily bonuses had me more engaged in the class because I was almost forced to sign into it every day if I wanted my points.

Anyway, I think one of the subjects that I enjoyed in this course is the emotional intelligence subject. I turned 32 this year and I have been working very hard on evaluating my actions, my reactions to things and trying to develop a better understanding of myself and who I am as a person. Although I had been working on this on a more personal level, I think that the incorporation of this subject let me come to the realization that emotional intelligence spills over into the business world. The ability to develop interpersonal relationships and having the capacity to be aware of and control my emotions can be extremely helpful in the business world. I am planning to continue growing leadership and organizational behavior skills by continuing to take the steps towards being a better person for my subordinates. I am going to continue doing additional training so I can be better educated and will better know how to handle situations in the future.



Post 2

I survived!  I was so terrified of beginning the masters program.  Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this course.  Dr. Tillman you were very helpful and thorough and I felt so confident in completing my weekly discussions and assignments due.  Motivation, emotional intelligence, decision-making, and leadership are the skills I developed more in this course.  At the start of the course I had just changed jobs, so this course really came in handy for me.  I’m more aware of my coworkers around me and I look for signs.  Emotional intelligence helped to be more alert as to things I say, things others say, and just more in-tuned with my surroundings.  The way everything flows.  I find my self making more better decisions and really looking at the overall picture before making a decision.  I’m very motivated to succeed and watch those around me succeed (professionally and personally).  Last, I really thought my leadership ability was perfect, and I learned that I definitely have improvements to make.  Overall this course has motivated me to become a better me, a better employee, a better student, a better mother, a better wife, a better sister, a better aunt, and a better friend.  Thank you Dr. Tillman for this course, it really has change my perspective on life.

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