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Discussion Question 2

The above video is dated but I think it still sends a strong message about education. In a minimum of two paragraphs, share your thoughts/reactions with the rest of the class; then, respond to at least one other student’s comments.



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Nikola Kadar

Manage Discussion Entry

As for someone who is currently in college, I strongly agree that education is important not just for me only, but for everyone in this world. It is the main reason why we have all these jobs and professions such as healthcare, IT, sports, engineering, and so the like. The question that I would ask someone pertaining to this topic would be, “If we did not have any kind of education, where or what would we all be?” or “what would our purpose in life be?”. Also, I do not think that it matters how exactly people learn, but the stuff that people need to learn should be a priority, based on whatever their hopes and dreams are and what they want to be in the future. People learn material in their own ways, and that is because of the technology that we have today that we did not have a decade ago.

As for me, I manage my time wisely whenever I do coursework, and in some cases, I never have any time for myself or for anyone as far as everyone else is concerned. The good part out of this whole situation is I am not a parent nor do I have a part time job and that gives me more time to concentrate on what I want to do. I also choose to work alone and figure things out on my own and only ask for help as long as I need it. I already have my goals planned out, along with knowing what my own life will be like. Hand in hand, when I graduate college and I finally get the job that I want, which is being a network admin, everything that I have done in the past will eventually pay off.


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