Museum Focus – Sustaining Quality of Life in the City

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Museum Focus


Walden University

Interdisciplinary Experience: Sustaining Quality of Life in the City



Question 1

Brief introduction of Ohio City

Ohio is a great city named after the Ohio River in the 18th century. The area was disputed by the France and Great Britain. After the dispute, it established its own territories. This territory included the land where west of Pennsylvania in United States and the northwest of the Ohio River. The area covered more than 260,000 square miles (Turner, & Bogue 2010).

The History of Ohio City that has led to construction of Museums.

The area remained as a hunting ground by the Iroquois after the dispute. Later, some American groups began to migrate to the area. Later there was a seven years war between the Europeans, British and France. They all wanted to colonize the area. Unfortunately, the British worn and after the win, they ordered French settlers to leave the area. It is evident that the war brought about the breakdown of ethnicities.

How museum focus has been of great importance to the citizens of the city

The area is known for its landscape, mountains, rivers and minerals. This makes Ohio City to be a great city suitable for great museums. It is evident that, Ohio City creates the best environment for a museum with the theme of History and Natural History to be built. For instance, Miami River is known to be a great river. Many people admire visiting the area just to see the river. This creates the best conditions to build a museum. People within the city can also visit the museum and get to enjoy the benefits of the museums.



How people from outside the city benefit from the construction of the museums.

People outside Ohio City can also visit the museums. These museums will offer the history of the river to its visitors. They will also address an increasing array of issues in the dynamic environment (Edson, 2017).

Question 2

Permanent Exhibition.

Modern museum are designed to have a permanent exhibit, in this case the museum must have enough collections and classification of a field of knowledge for research and for display purposes. This will enlighten the visits about the history of Ohio City. The history stored in this museum will also be of great use to students as they will learn a lot in these museums,





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