Project Proposal on Emerging Technologies

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 Project Proposal on Emerging Technologies

EDU 542

July 22, 2018


Project Proposal on Emerging Technologies


Technology in the society is growing at a very fast pace and there is need to develop strategies that will ensure its properly embraced for our benefits. This is because technology is inevitable and cannot be avoided. In the same way the landscape of education and training has been developing and changing swiftly over the past years hence the need to also have a technology plan that will make learning and education systematic and enjoyable.

Purpose of and rationale

In the development of my K12 course project I will utilize the G-suite education and Social Mention technologies. I decided to utilize this combination of technologies in the development of my K12 project as they will provide a diversified function when working together hence making education and training within the institution more fun and systematic.  The G-suite technology provides many different cloud computing functions like Google classroom, Google forms, Google doc and other virtual support that will facilitate the interaction of the teacher, student and even parent or guardian where necessary (Stevenson & Hedberg, 2017).

G-suite provides extra enterprise-grade functionalities that are designed to ensure large institutions are able to control analyze and monitor their operation smoothly.  On the other hand, the social mention technology will provide social interaction and linking of the peers and teachers to vast information while having fun or socializing. Social Mention currently provides a point-in-time or real-time search services which is vital in education. Social mention monitors the operation of Facebook, twitters, Digg, Google and YouTube among others hence making information available and easily accessed within the same platform (SocialMention, n.d.).   A combination of these platforms can facilitate the provision of educational practices to a student of all aspect including disables hence making it more effective and efficient in the educational system.

Three (3) reasons why these particular tools are considered an emerging technology to the educational or training setting

Emerging technology is technologies that are considered to change the status quo or how things are done in a routine manner. This can be educational or information among other perspectives. In our K12 project development G-suite and social mention technologies……………………………