Same-sex marriage in Illinois Policy

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Same-sex marriage in Illinois Policy


Finally, Illinois also joins other 16 states in the legalization of the same-sex marriage in its family and marriage equality act. The consideration of the issue of same-sex marriage has been an issue, which has affected many communities, not only in the Illinois state, but also, other major states in the American community. The political situation of the state on the issue is basically based on the differences, which arises from the key stakeholders pushing the policy to be a law and those who are rejecting the act. It is important also to take considerations into the Illinois state voting for the act to be a legal entity and policy, which will ensure to improve the equality in marriage (Wilson, 2015). As a result, the legalization of the act has been perceived as an act of leadership focusing on the importance of family leadership, equality, and achieving the necessary acts for bringing the community closers. The republican’s representatives are against the legalization of the same-sex marriage in the Illinois state. Therefore, the political situation in the nation is defined to influence the different instances of the community, its leaders, and it is also important to improve and meet the different acts of the state.

The majority of the community, which includes the gay groups, family and marriage courts and its religion groups are focusing on pushing for marriage equality. For instance, gay groups are becoming more and more concerned about the challenge facing same-sex couples in the community. On the other hand, it is a challenge for the different republican based political groups, such as churches based on the Christian religion (Wilson, 2015). They protested against the legalization of the same marriage aspect in the modern community. This is an issue, which affects and impacts the ability to develop morals according to the religion and expectations of Christianity.

Therefore, forming the act into a policy is a dire consideration on different aspects, which will influence the public and community political stability. The consideration on the political situation of the state takes into consideration the influence of the leaders in the modern community. There are different decisions to consider, such as the public and media coverage of the issue and the impact of the issues towards the political, societal and confirmation of the issues towards the leadership of the state. Although the Illinois State passed to the act and it became law, the opposition did not take the consideration in good terms (Wilson, 2015). The opposition focused on the impact of the act and how it affect the mitigation of same-sex marriages in the community. Although the Supreme Court also supported the act to a law, there is also the need for considering the different groups for making the policy a successful law.

Therefore, amongst the many societal groups to take into consideration in the formation of the same-sex marriage policy includes, religion groups, gray marriage activist groups, same-sex supporting religion groups and all the local and state and federal representatives. The US Supreme Court’s rulings are also central to the regard of giving the supporters of the same-sex marriage act an opportunity for ensuring they achieve their goals. For instance, section 3 of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), opposes the equality of marriage in all aspects (Wilson, 2015). These are some of the regulations, which the act should consider in helping to support or make the act a law. For instance the family and marriage act also supports the civil union act of meeting and developing equal marriage for all residents and non-residents of Texas.







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