Mr Smith is a 63 years old person who has been suffering from hypertension and diabetes over the last 20 years.

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Length:up to 2,000 words (excluding reference list)


This ‘simulated patient’ assignment is intended to prepare students for their work in clinical environment with real patients. The students will develop and practice clinical reasoning skills by:

  • uncovering and explaining links between pathophysiology and clinicalpresentation
  • consideringappropriate diagnosticstrategiestoidentifythenatureofpatient’sproblem(s).


Mr Smith is a 63 years old person who has been suffering from hypertension and diabetes over the last 20 years. He is receiving treatments for both conditions (Minidiab and Tritace) but admits rather erratic compliance. He self-monitors his BP and BGL from time to time but not regularly.

Today he presents in the office with shortness of breath which has been worsening over the past five weeks. He has, however, experienced episodes of shortness of breath during the past year, especially when exerting himself. He fatigues easily and has lost ‘all his energy to do anything’. He is especially worried that even short walking now leads to marked weakness and shortness of breath forcing him to take a rest before continuing.

On several occasions he awoke suddenly from sleep because ‘he couldn’t catch his breath’ and developed a dry cough but with no audible wheezing. The breathing problem improved when he sat on the edge of his bed for an hour. He generally sleeps with two, sometimes three pillows, which seems to help him breathe better. Few days ago he developed unusual weakness and numbness in his left arm and leg with dizziness, which went away in half an hour. During that time he was unable to get up from his armchair and had difficulties clearly articulating words. This never happenedbefore.

Often he has a feeling of heart racing and jumping, especially during physical activity. However, he has not experienced any chest pain or heaviness so far. He is also complaining about numbness, tingling and burning affecting his feet, interfering with his mobility and sleep.

He smokes around 15 cigarettes daily and drinks ‘a beer or two a day’. He retired 2 years ago from his work as a truck driver.


Vital signs:

Temperature: Blood pressure: Pulse rate: Respirations:



150/95 mmHg

100 beats per minute, irregular 20 breaths per minute


Physical examination:

The patient is moderately overweight with slight breathing distress. His skin colour is pale and his lips/tongue are faintly bluish. Pulse on peripheral leg arteries is weak. There is moderate swelling around the ankles that pits on pressure.



Coarse inspiratory crackles could be heard during chest auscultation over the lung bases. Heart activity is irregular and fast, S3 is heard at the apex.

Routine blood tests:

Hb 135g/L

RCC 4.5 X 1012/L

Hct 43%

wee 8 X 109/L

Platelets 180 X 109/L

ESR 12mm/h

Urea 11mmol/L

Creatinine 0.3 mmol/L Glucose fasting 8mmol/L


Blood neg

Proteins ++

Glucose +

Your task:

  • Explain the likely pathophysiology of presentingfeatures
  • Interpret the vital signs and findings on physicalexamination
  • Interpret the significance of the bloodtests
  • Developthelistofpossible conditions thepatientmight have(differentialdiagnosis)
  • Suggest and give rationale for further diagnostictests


You will be assessed on the following:

  • Appropriateassignmentstructure
  • Academicwritingandreferencing
  • Discussionofpathophysiologyofpatient’scomplaints,physicalexaminationfindings and bloodtests
  • Development of differentialdiagnosis
  • Discussion of additional diagnostictests
  • Demonstration of clinical reasoningskills

The following marking criteria table will be used for marking of your assignment so make sure to address them appropriately. Please note the relative value of different criteria and structure your assignmentaccordingly.Forexample’Pathophysiologyofpatient’scomplaintsisdiscussed’section shouldreceivegreaterfocusthan’Blood testsareexplained andinterpreted’.

Criteria Mark
Introductionincludesone ormoreparagraphsthatinformsthe readerofthemain ideaandhowitwillbepresented /3
Pathophysiology of patient’s complaints is discussed /20
Physical examination findings are explained and interpreted /12
Laboratory tests are explained and interpreted /10
The list of possible diagnoses is developed and justified /12
Additional diagnostic tests are suggested and justified /15



Argumentsare welldevelopedand built,paragraphsare logicaland linked /5
Text is legible and clear; spelling and punctuation are accurate; sentencestructureisgrammaticallycorrectandreflectsthe writer’s intent /2
Assignment is well structured and easy to read /3
Referencing is clear, consistent and supports the argument /3
Referencelistincludesatleast15 appropriatequalityreferences;at least 50% of them primary sources (journal articles, conference proceedings) /5
Assignment reveals clinical reasoning skills /10
TOTAL /100


A class of 200 students is numbered from 1 to 200, and a table of random digits

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A class of 200 students is numbered from 1 to 200, and a table of random digits is used to choose 60 students from the class. Is the group of students selected a simple random sample, a stratified random sample, a cluster sample, or a systematic sample?

CPCCBC4010B: Assessment 5

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CPCCBC4010B: Assessment 5

What you have to do


Refer to

  • Project 1 on the OLS and
  • the sketching guidelines

to help you complete the questions below.


Sketching guidelines

This assessment contains a number of tasks requiring you to prepare sketches of relevant construction details from the cottage outlined in the documentation for Project 1. The sketches are to be prepared to a standard acceptable to allow communication of a detail as would occur on a construction site. Many details are communicated in this manner and everyone involved with building sites should be skilled in the preparation of sketches.

Sketches are freehand drawings. Line work and proportion are important considerations that must be satisfied in the assessment. Select a scale/size appropriate to the detail.

It is not expected everyone will have these skills at the commencement of this assessment. This first assessment may be presented with a mix of freehand sketches and ruled drawings. All should be completed in pencil on A4 size paper. Refer to the project documentation before commencing the drawings to clearly identify and comply with the documents. This question may require you to carry out research of the topics to broaden your knowledge before attempting the answers.

Submissions which are assessed to be not of an acceptable standard will be returned with a request to resubmit the assessment.




Question 1

The reinforced concrete ‘slab on ground’ flooring system for the 2 storey dwelling detailed in the plans is to be constructed utilising expanded polystyrene void formers. The site will be excavated to provide a level ‘bench’ incorporating cut and fill. Piers will be required to support the slab on an even foundation.

  1. a) Prepare a sketch of the plan view of the slab indicating the possible location of the piers. You can assume the piers are 300mm in diameter. (Hint: position piers at all corners/beams intersections, then place between these at maximum 1800 centres)
  2. b) Provide a section in parts (‘break’ the sketch to show relevant parts of the slab) through the slab from front to back and through the garage, detailing the use of the void formers and the reinforcement. Indicate the foundation and any change in floor level.
  3. c) Prepare a typical section through the edge beam of the slab. Clearly show the external wall detail to 300mm above the slab.


All the sketches are to be fully labelled and notated. Relevant dimensions should be provided. In general, an A4 page will be appropriate for each sketch. Provide a border and a title to each of your drawings.


Question 2

Prepare a sketch of the joint between the external wall frames and the first floor joists. Fully label the sketch and provide dimensions and member sizes. Clearly show the fitout of the building on this sketch including:

  • Ceiling and wall linings
  • Full external wall detail
  • Flooring
  • Skirting boards etc


Question 3

Prepare a sketch detailing the head flashing over a window in the external wall. Clearly label all components and provide sizes of elements where appropriate.

Question 4

Sketch a full detail of the waterproofing to the shower in the ensuite. A full detail will show all parts of the waterproofing, including wall, floor, floor waste and hob.  Include two options for the construction of the shower base:

  1. Detail a hob constructed with a brick on edge clearly locating the position of the shower screen on the hob.
  2. No hob with the floor level continuous from the bathroom into the shower.

Also provide a sketch detailing the waterproofing at the doorway to prevent moisture escaping to adjoining rooms.


Alternative details for the construction of the cottage

Question 5

The foundation on the site of Project 1, following a geotechnical report, is found to be moderately reactive clay.

The clay extends from below the topsoil on the site to a depth of approximately 750mm. By providing a sketch, propose an alternative footing system for the construction of the cottage. Fully detail the footing specifying concrete and reinforcement. Provide all relevant dimensions.

Should the clay, after excavation commences, prove to be at a greater depth, say an average of 1500mm below the cleared site, propose another footing system and fully sketch the detail.

Question 6

Provide a full detail of two floor systems necessary for the following footing systems:

Floor system 1 – a platform floor incorporating bearers and joists with particle board flooring and including a suitable insulation system.

Floor system 2 – a concrete floor system to replicate the qualities of the slab on ground and suitable for the new footing systems. Australian Standard 2870 – Residential Slabs and Footings may be useful if you need to research this detail.

Question 7

Sketch a section through the roof of the cottage with conventional timber framing in lieu of prefabricated trusses. Fully notate the sketch with details and dimensions of the materials proposed. (You need not design member sizes, but you should provide ‘indicative’ sizes for each of the roof framing members.) Your detail will need to include a number of sketches with a plan view (showing the roofing member layout) and one section as a minimum.



I have:

  • answered all questions
  • clearly identified my answers.



A carnival operator wants a game that can be won about 30% of the time

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A carnival operator wants a game that can be won about 30% of the time. If the game is won more frequently, it will not be economical for the operator; if winning is less frequent, potential players will be reluctant to risk their money. He devises a dart tossing game that he thinks will suit his criterion and tests it on 20 random players. a. State a null hypothesis based on his criterion. b. State a two-tailed alternative hypothesis. c. If the regio

Ideas can also be marketed. Marketed ideas are commonly heard in Educational

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Ideas can also be marketed. Marketed ideas are commonly heard in Educational, Environmental, Health, Ethics, Religious, and Political arenas. List 5 ideas that you have seen (or heard) marketed, and then list some goods or services that come from, or are related to, each of those ideas.

Grading Rubric for Journal Assignments

View complete question »

Content Journal response to assigned topic
is thorough and well written.
with opinions always supported
with facts
Journal response to assigned topic

Johnny Storm was convicted of arson on December 30, 2010.

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Johnny Storm was convicted of arson on December 30, 2010. He now appeals his conviction on a number of grounds.

The facts of the case are as follows: on April 15, 2010, the Reed Richards Science Center in Akron burned to the ground. The Center had been conducting controversial cosmic ray experiments on rats and rabbits, and a number of animal rights groups had opposed the research. Preliminary investigations by the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit determined that there was a high level of Acetone found in the debris after the fire. Acetone is a highly flammable accelerant that can be used to help fires spread quickly through buildings. It is very rare and its distribution is tightly controlled by federal regulations.

Special Agent Alicia Masters was in charge of the case. Her investigation quickly led to Storm. Storm was convicted of felony arson in 2001 after he used Acetone to burn down a chemical testing facility that used dogs as test subjects. He was also arrested in 2005 for felony arson when he allegedly burned down a warehouse containing lab equipment, but he ended up pleading guilty to criminal damaging, a misdemeanor. Acetone was used in that fire as well. Storm was also convicted of misdemeanor theft in 2009 for stealing twenty laptops from a university office building.

Storm and his attorney met with Special Agent Masters on May 10, 2010. During the meeting, Storm told Masters: “You have the wrong guy. I admit I would be happy to see this clinic and every one like it burned to the ground, but I wasn’t even in Akron that night; I was in Cincinnati at the Reds game.” Storm then turned to his attorney and said: “Should I tell her about the Acetone that I have in my garage?” Storm’s attorney said: “No, stay quiet about that.” (The next day Masters got a search warrant for Storm’s garage, but found it completely empty).

At trial, Masters testified about Storm’s statement in which he admitted he would be happy to see the clinic burned to the ground, and his statement about having Acetone in his garage. The prosecutor also admitted Storm’s prior arson conviction from 2001 and his arson arrest in 2005.

Storm took the stand in his own defense, and testified that he was innocent, and that he was in Cleveland at a dance club at the time of the fire. On cross-examination, the prosecutor asked him whether he told the FBI that he had been at a Cincinnati Reds game on the night of the fire; Storm denied that he said this.

Storm also called Ben Grimm to the stand. Ben Grimm is a scientist who worked at the Richards Center, and he testified that the day after the fire, he was talking to his colleague Susan, who also worked at the Center. During the conversation, Susan said to Grimm: “This is all my fault. I left the cosmic ray generator on last night by accident. It must have overheated and caused the fire.”

In rebuttal, the prosecution re-called Agent Masters, who testified that Storm told her that he was in Cincinnati at a Reds game at the time of the fire. Finally, the prosecutor offered Storm’s 2009 theft conviction.

On appeal, the defense argues that the following evidence should not have been admitted. The defense attorney made a timely objection to each of these pieces of evidence at trial.

(1) Storm’s statement about being happy to see the clinic burned to the ground.

(2) Storm’s statement about the Acetone in his garage.

(3) Storm’s arson conviction from 2001.

(4) Storm’s arson arrest from 2005.

(5) The cross-examination question about Storm’s statement regarding the Reds game.

(6) Masters’ rebuttal testimony reporting Storm’s statement about the Reds game.

(7) Storm’s 2009 theft conviction.

In its response, the prosecutor argues that all of that evidence was properly admitted, and argues that (8) Grimm’s testimony about Susan’s statement should not have been admitted. However, the prosecutor did not object to Grimm’s testimony at trial.

You are a law clerk to a judge that is hearing this appeal.
Please prepare a bench memo explaining to your judge how she should rule on each of these eight issues, and 

Researching health and social issues is extremely important to our work.

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Task Description:

Researching health and social issues is extremely important to our work. Effective research means we can bring about change for our clients at a much wider level than our daily practice often allows. The findings, results, and conclusions can lead to practical recommendations for practitioners, policy-makers, and the community. It can result in genuine changes at an individual, community, organisational and policy level. It therefore provides practitioners with great opportunities to make a wide-ranging difference. However, to conduct research, we need to have a good grasp of research methods and start by writing a proposal. The skills you develop through this process will be directly transferable to practice.

To develop your skills in research, this assessment requires you to write a research proposal on your topic of choice, covering the following points:

  • Project title
  • Background (incorporating a concise literature review)
  • Aims of the study
  • Significance and innovation of the proposed study
  • Expected outcomes / implications for practice
  • Research plan: Methodology (including sampling, data collection, and data analysis)
  • Ethical considerations
  • Study limitations
  • Administration of the research (including resource requirements / budget, timetable)

Note: Although replication studies are a valuable approach to research, a research proposal for an original study is needed for this assignment in order to demonstrate your knowledge of research methods.

Also, while it is acceptable and even expected that your question/topic will develop over the course of the semester you cannot completely change topics between assignments without prior approval from the course convenor.

You will not be required to implement this research proposal. However, you are encouraged to choose a topic that is relevant to your current or future work practice. Masters/Honours students may use this proposal to prepare for their thesis.

Criteria & Marking:

Criteria for assessment:

  • Literature review is integrated into the research proposal well with clear links made between the research topic and practice (16 marks)
  • Methodology is appropriate to the research aims and demonstrates an understanding of all relevant aspects including sampling, data collection and data analysis methods (32 marks)
  • Ethical issues are clearly identified and ways of satisfactorily addressing the ethical concerns are described (24 marks)
  • Research process is realistically considered within organisational and social context (16 marks)
  • Academic standards of writing and referencing (12 marks)

Papers will be marked individually and electronically and will be returned to students via Learning@Griffith. Feedback will also be provided to the group as a whole on the course site.

Thakin Industries Inc. manufactures dorm furniture in separate processes

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Problem 16-3A (Part Level Submission)

Thakin Industries Inc. manufactures dorm furniture in separate processes. In each process, materials are entered at the beginning, and conversion costs are incurred uniformly. Production and cost data for the first process in making two products in two different manufacturing plants are as follows.

Cutting Department
Production Data—July Plant 1
Plant 2
Work in process units, July 1 0 0
Units started into production 23,800 19,040
Work in process units, July 31 3,570 595
Work in process percent complete 60 80
Cost Data—July
Work in process, July 1 $0 $0
Materials 452,200 342,720
Labor 278,936 130,900
Overhead 123,760 124,712
   Total $854,896 $598,332





For each plant compute the physical units of production.

T12 Tables C10 Chairs
Units to be accounted for


The Hair Vault, LLC is a luxury hair company that is committed to providing top of the line hair extensions for all ethnicities.

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The Hair Vault, LLC
the hair vault, llc luxury hair company


Name: _____The Hair Vault, LLC_______

Vision Statement
{What is the core purpose of the organization? Provide a descriptive visualization of its future state.}


The Hair Vault, LLC is a luxury hair company that is committed to providing top of the line hair extensions for all ethnicities.









Mission Statement
{What is the approach, direction, path for carrying out the core purpose (vision)?  Provide a description of the present operations in support of future state.}


The Hair Vault, LLC has collaborated with some of the top hair vendors around the world. These vendors are based in India, Cambodian, Vietnam and China. All products have been tested and proved to be some of the best hair extensions in the industry.







Strategic Objectives
{What are the areas of focus that must be achieved to succeed the mission?  This is a formula to set present operations into motion.  It is the boundaries for which all work must align to offer value-add back into the organization.  List 3 to 5 objectives.}


1)      Branding/ Marketing

2)      Reasonable Prices

3)      Positive/Effective Communications w/ Vendors









Project Initiation

Statement of Work
{This is a brief narrative description of the product, service, or result to be delivered.  This will answer, “what will be delivered?”}



The Hair Vault, LLC will provide two different hair collections; Virgin Collection and Luxx Collection. The Virgin Collection is the most affordable hair collections and consist of straight, body wave, loose wave and deep wave texture. The Luxx Collection is also affordable but will be considered more of an investment then the Virgin Collection. The Luxx Collection will consist of Raw Indian Wavy, Raw Cambodian Wavy and Vietnamese Wavy. When purchasing hair extensions from the Hair Vault you will also be given the chance to have your hair extensions installed in our small boutique.













Business Case
{This is a brief description of the value-add, which the product, service, or result will provide. It is used to determine whether the project is worth the investment by answering a key question, “why?”}


The hair industry is an ever-growing industry and by providing these services at a lower rate than my competitors provide it will grow my business. The quality of the hair extensions and the price in which they are being sold for is a plus. Why would anyone want to invest in my company? The answer is simple; the beauty industry is one industry that is always going to thrive regardless of how much it changes. Beauty is something every man, woman, and child is interested in and engages in to some extent.













Project Charter

Project Name  
Business Case Summary (Value Proposition) Project Contacts & Owners(Stakeholders)
{Provide a brief summary, which clarifies the importance of addressing the issue…}

It is summarised that it is ever growing industry that provide services at lower rate than their competitors in the market. It is discussed about the investment made in the company for good quality of hair extension product.





Project Manager  
Team Members  
Business Strategy (Alignment) Milestones (Target Dates)
{How does the project align with organizational strategies?}

·         Marketing strategy is a long term investing recharge done in an organisation for planning to achieve fundamental goal Hair Vault LLC. The marketing strategies which are applied in the organisation our product, price, place and promotion. It is important to maintain on the strategy to satisfy the organisational goal.

·         The pricing strategy of the Hair Vault, LLC must be moderate so that every individual can afford the service. Pricing helps the organisation to meet the need of the customers for hair extension. Good pricing strategy in the organisation helps the customer to get attracted towards the product.

·         It is also important for an organisation to improve the communication skill. Communication helps the Organisation to build a good relationship with the customers and also satisfy their needs. Good relationship helps the organisation to also achieve the goal of the organisation in the competitive market.







{Applicable project milestone dates}

Milestone is the tool which used in a project for having specific planning regarding the innovation of the new product.


Project Goals / Opportunities Dependencies
{What are the desired outcomes?  Specific customer expectations/needs to be fulfilled.}

The main objective of the Hair Vault LLC is to provide top line hair extension products in the market. The product that is introduced in the market helps to satisfy the demand of the customers. The two different products that are launched by Hair Vault LLC help the customer to obtain affordable product in high quality service with affordable investment.






{Are there any dependencies to other project or external sources?}

The dependencies about the production of the product are the demand of the product in the market. There are two products which are launched in the market that are Virgin collection and the Luxxx Collection. The demand helps the organisation to know the market based on which productions are being made.

Scope(High-level) Budget(High-level)
{What will be addressed by the project?}

The main purpose of the organisation to provide good quality service to the customers in the market. It is also important in an organisation to meet the demand of the customers about providing good hair extension product. It is also important for an organisation to produce the product in affordable price which provides high quality of service.







{What is the rough order of magnitude of cost (ROM)?}

Proper budget is to be made so that the organisation can achieve proper goal of the organisation. Rough order of magnitude is estimation of project level effort in cost of a product. Rough estimation of the product which is launched based on the estimation of the life cycle.





Project Plan

Project Name  
Project Manager  
Project Team  







Scope Management Plan


Define a list of requirements based upon the customer/business needs, as it relates to the project charter.

ID Requirement Title Description


The existing product is not very good because it is damaging the hair of some customer. It has been also reviewed that many customers are having hair fall problem by using their products.


Proper development is needed in the product. There are also some products which are good and also affordable. Improvement is also needed to improve their market position

Alternative solution

The customers are demanding some good quality of hair extension product. Demands are also raised about the product which helps in reducing the hair fall after styling is made.

Target customer

The main target customer in the market are the mainly the teenagers. The market should also get improved so that the every age group of customer demands the product of Hair Vault LLC.

Cost structure

The cost structure of the product is affordable. It should be also kept in mind that the product that is launched in the market should be of good cost structure which helps to meet the demand of the customer.














Scope Statement

Based upon the project charter and the requirements, detail all work (and ONLY the work) required to complete the project.  This is a high-level vision for what will be developed.

Element Description
Scope Description {What are the characteristics of the product, service, or result?}

The product which is launched by Hair Vault LLC in the market helps in customer to develop the hair quality and also has an extension in their hair. The main objective of the organisation is to provide better quality of service to the consumer to obtain better review. There are two hair products which are launched in the market by the company which helps the customer to have straight Wavy hair with the wave texture. When the product is of high quality the demand get increased. The different service which are provided by the company should we also effective and answer for table so that demand increase in the market. Better service organisation can obtain better result from the market through which they can have high level competition to their competitors in the market.







Acceptance Criteria {What are the conditions required upon acceptance?}

The new product which are launched in the market by Hair Vault LLC help customer to enhance their hair condition. The product helps extension of hair in the customers. After using the products which are launched in the market have good reviews which are obtained because this helps the customers to heal their problems.





Deliverable(s) {List out the unique and verifiable products, services, or results.}

  • Customers and having hair fall problems which are to be resolved.
  • The virgin collection products which is launched by the organisation helps to have straight, body wave and deep wave texture of hair.
  • There is also problem raised that the customer are having hair problems which are damaging their hair.
  • Luxx collection product which is launched by the organisation helps the customer to reduce hair fall in the customer.
Exclusions {What is out of scope?}

It is impossible when the customers are having some internal problems in the hair and want extension. It is impossible for them to have and good impact in their hair after using the products.




Constraints {What factors will affect the project? Are they internal or external? What part of the project will each affect (i.e. Budget, Quality, etc.)?}

The factors that affect the project a budget, time and quality. The budget factor is the main which affect the organisation. When proper budget plan is not made the product answer of that quality which can have and bad impact on the market.






Assumptions {Are there any general concepts that are considered to be true, real or certain, which may affect the project?}

Problem budget plan helps the organisation to make good product for hair extension. Proper budget plan also helps in making the product of high quality which helps the customer to have effective feedback.








Communications Management Plan

Stakeholder Communications Matrix

Stakeholder Learn From Share With Timing Method Owner
Supplier Development of supply plan Supplier 1 hour Verbal communication Project manager
Customer Development of the product Customer 1 hour Verbal communication Project manager


Resource Management Plan

Roles and Responsibilities Matrix

Role Person(s) Responsibilities
Sponsor G. Jones The main role of the sponsor is to provide support for the marketing of the product which is launched.
Project Manager M. Johnson The main objective of the manager is to take total responsibilities in the planning of the project.
Core Team Members K. Daniel Helps in developing the product.
Subject Matter Experts J. Smith Helps in providing expert planning.
Other Key Roles B. Anderson Providing support in the work


Job Definitions

Job Job Description
Project Manager Development of planning in the organisation.
Sponsor Helps in providing proper support in marketing the product in an innovative way.


Stakeholder Management Plan

Stakeholder Engagement Matrix

Stakeholder Unaware Resistant Neutral Supportive Leading
Supplier The supplier is unaware about the demand of the market The internal supplies are resistant for the deliverables The suppliers are neutral with the supply and demand of market The suppliers are supportive to help company with deliverabnle3s Leading performance through best supplies catering to reflect a positive analysis on market
Stockholder The stockholders are unaware regarding the ups and down in the sales price of stock of the company The stakeholders are resistant to the share price and the profit of the company The stockholder are neutral regarding the demand and sales of the market The stockholders are supportive regarding the providing capital to the company The stockholders are leading in developing new business strategy for profit maximization


Schedule Management Plan

Project WBS, Schedule, Costing, and Assignment of Resources

Project management
Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
Workpackage 1

Workpackage 2

Workpackage 3


Workpackage 1

Workpackage 2

Workpackage 3


Workpackage 1

Workpackage 2

Workpackage 3


Figure 1: Work Breakdown Structure

(Source: Created by author)



The following is an abbreviated template to provide an understanding for the importance of the Work Breakdown Structure as an input to the overall project schedule.

NOTE: A Microsoft Project template may be used in place of this.  Use as much or little as needed.

Phase 1 23d Wed 08-08-18 Fri 07-09-18 $1200 AAAA Phase 1
Workpackage 1 4d Wed 08-08-18 Mon 13-08-18   $400   Workpackage 1
Workpackage 2 7d Tue 14-08-18 Wed 22-08-18 2 $250   Workpackage 2
Workpackage 3 12d Thu 23-08-18 Fri 07-09-18 3 $550   Workpackage 3
Phase 2 10d Mon 10-09-18 Fri 21-09-18   $500 BBBB Phase 2
Workpackage 1 3d Mon 10-09-18 Wed 12-09-18   $100   Workpackage 1
Workpackage 2 2d Thu 13-09-18 Fri 14-09-18 6 $200   Workpackage 2
Workpackage 3 5d Mon 17-09-18 Fri 21-09-18 7 $200   Workpackage 3
Phase 3 17d Mon 24-09-18 Tue 16-10-18   $750 CCCC Phase 3
Workpackage 1 4d Mon 24-09-18 Thu 27-09-18   $150   Workpackage 1
Workpackage 2 5d Fri 28-09-18 Thu 04-10-18 10 $400   Workpackage 2
Workpackage 3 8d Fri 05-10-18 Tue 16-10-18 11 $200   Workpackage 3


Cost Management Plan


Based upon charter and project schedule, create a budget.

NOTE: A Microsoft Exceltemplate may be used.

INCOME Budget Actual Difference
Internal Funding
Department Budget  $ 25000  $ 20000           $ 5000
Customer Billing/Invoicing  $ 15000  $ 10000           $ 5000
Existing Revenue Streams  $  35000  $  25000          $10000
Other  $ 5500  $ 5000           $ 500
Total Internal Income            $ 60000                    $805000                                      $20500      
External Funding/Other
Other                           –
Total External Income                          –                          –                       –
Total INCOME                                    $ 800000                                       $805000                                      $5000      
EXPENSES Budget Actual Difference
[ Category Name ]
[Telephone Expense]  $ 3200 $3000                       $200
[Postage]  $ 500 $ 300     $200
[Advertisement]  $ 4000 $ 3500       $500
[Salaries]  $ 2000 $ 1800    $ 200
Subtotal          $ 9700                – $ 8600                     –          $ 1100             –
[ Category Name ]
[ Rent  ]  $ 9000  $8000       $ 1000
[ Miscellaneous Expenses ]  $ 6000  $5400       $ 600
[ itemized expense ]                           –
[ itemized expense ]                           –
Subtotal              $ 15000            – $13400-      $1600                 –
Total EXPENSES                         – $ 15000                         – $ 13400                      –  $ 1600
NET (Income – Expenses)                         – $5300                         – $ 4800 $ 500



Risk Management Plan

Risk Register

Based upon all other elements of the project plan, define those, which pose degrees of uncertainty.

ID Risk Category Risk Area Description Probability (%) Impact Response Owner
  Deploying employment Employment sector Leaving of employees due to job dissatisfaction. 40% Reduction of employees leading to less production Training improvisation and retention of customers  
  Dissatisfaction of customers on quality Marketing Losing customers due to bad quality of product. 60% Deterioration of market statistics Improving and development of product details  


Quality Management Plan

Define Quality Metrics

# Project Overall Quality Objectives
  Maintaining quality of hair and increased hair growth as promised to customers
  Improving hair extension quality


Project Deliverables Standard for judging each deliverable from customer perspective
Virgin A good product which meets customer satisfaction at cheap rate
Luxx A good product that is a bit costly but has great response from customer’s end


Work Processes Standard to judge each process
Manufacturing Manufacturing the raw material to form the product
Marketing Marketing the quality and benefit of product to the market
Distributing Distribution of the product to the market after knowing the actual demand of the product


Quality Control Activities

# Activities
1 Purchasing the raw material
2 Making the product as per the demand and promised quality
3 Selling the products to distributors

Quality Assurance Activities

# Activities
1 Demonstrating the product in the factory
2 Selling as free sample to gain public faith with the quality
3 Selling the product to the vast customers


Procurement Management Plan

Make or Buy Analysis

Service or Item Reasons to Make Reasons to Buy Decision
Virgin To make people more comfortable To stay comfortable at any situation Buying products with validity and using it properly
Luxx To enhance the standard of living of customers To develop standard of living Buying product and enhancing standard of living.


Supplier Selection Matrix

Potential Supplier/Selection Criteria Task Performance Contextual Performance Price Network
Potential Supplier 1 $0.00
$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Potential Supplier 2 $0.00
$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Potential Supplier 3 $0.00
$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Potential Supplier 4 $0.00
$0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00




Meetings & Reporting

Kick-off Meeting Agenda

Project Meeting Agenda

Project ______________  


Date ____________               Time ______________          Place ___________________


Meeting Purpose:



Topic                                                              Person Responsible                           Time


Review agenda                                              _________________                          2 min

_______________________________          _________________                          _____

_______________________________          _________________                          _____

_______________________________          _________________                          _____

_______________________________          _________________                          _____

Summary                                                       _________________                          5 min

Meeting Evaluation                                       _________________                          2 min






Progress Report

Past Time Period
Milestones Approved Plan Actual Progress Variances Causes
Seek brand ambassadors for marketing Provide BAs with free product in exchange for their full/honest review while promoting No progress; contacted several BAs and have not been able to successfully obtain their services Some BAs want to be paid for their services while promoting the company/others do not have the time Causes are unknown, this is a personal preference per each BA
Current Time Period
Milestones Plan Until Next Report Risks Before Next Report Issues Before Next Report Changes to Approve
Potential product addition (edge control and flat irons) Decide on my top 3 companies and test each product. Testing should be done over a 90 day period I may not have enough time to test, buy and distribute before my desired release date May not like any of the company’s products and will have to start from square one
Future Time Period
Milestones Plan to Completion Risks After next Report Issues After Next Report
Expand services through maximizing marketing techniques Study the different social media marketing techniques to appeal to the masses in hopes to increase overall sales I may not be able to hand the workload alone/as an Active Duty military member None foreseen