assertive behavior, passive behavior, aggressive behavior and passive-aggressive behavior

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Paper instructions:
Please write a grammatically correct and well-thought out paper on assertive behavior, passive behavior, aggressive behavior and passive-aggressive behavior.  Four short paragraphs of substance would work.  Please first define the behavior in your words,; describe an example of when you used or observed this behavior and then describe how it affected human relations in that situation.  Use a good writing style. 

Hart’s Theory on Biblical Counseling: A Critique of The Anxiety Cure

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Paper instructions:
Be sure to keep in mind the following points as you develop your critical reviews:

•    Present the fundamentals of the theory under review.

•    Compare the theory to some of the foundational principles in Psychology (e.g. Cognitive, Developmental, Psychodynamic, Psychosexual, etc.)

•    Compare the theory to the essential features of the Christian Faith (e.g. Created in the image of God, Sin, Soteriology, Christology, Ecclesiology, etc.)

•    Delve into the Library and pull two scholarly articles that would have relevance to any of the above concepts and integrate some ideas or thoughts from the article into your review.

•    Finally, be sure to give a critical review, not just a summary of the theory.


Journalism Associated Press

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Your final project, which takes the place of a final exam, has five parts:
1. Meeting story/required draft. You will submit a perfect, polished, ready-for-publication meeting story of 500 to 700 words in your 
Penalty for not posting a draft by deadline: 10 points. You will fail the project if you miss this deadline.
2. Peer reviews.5 points. You must do a thorough critique of each of the meeting stories posted by your Workgroup-mates in your Week 7 Workgroup. 
Here’s how to do your critiques:
  • Read the entire story. Then:
  • Write two things you like about the story and why. Be thorough and specific about what you like.
  • Write a 50- to 100-word overview of your impression of the story, which includes what you thought about it in general, what general advice you have for your classmate and what the main changes are that you would suggest.
  • After each paragraph, write as many constructive suggestions as you can think of. Tell your classmate if you see unnecessary words, grammar errors, style errors, confusing sentences, contradictions, anything that’s boring. Point out every error. And, of course, point out everything that you love about the paragraph. Use my critiques of your own stories during the semester as a guide for the kinds of in-depth notes you should make on your classmates’ stories.
Do this for every story in your Workgroup. (Copy the original story into a Word doc and do the critique in Word. Attach the critique to the conference post.) Make your corrections in another color or in boldface so your classmates can easily see them.
I will critique every story as well.
Penalty for not posting all critiques by deadline: 5 points
3. Meeting story revision. 15 points. Using your classmates’ critiques in Week 7and my notes, which I also will post in Week 7, revise your meeting story so it is perfect. Make every change I suggested; make the changes your classmates suggest if you feel they will enhance the story. In some cases, I might ask you to do additional reporting; if I do, you must. 
Penalty for not posting a revised meeting story by deadline: 15 points. You will fail the project if you don’t submit the revision by the deadline.
4. News sidebar. 2.5 points. Research, report and write a 150- to 200-word sidebar in inverted-pyramid style with a summary news lede on a topic that is newsworthy and relevant to the topic of the meeting you covered. The sidebar should not be about the meeting, but about a separate-but-related topic. It may be about a similar action taken previously by the public agency whose meeting you covered. It could be about the same action taken by a different public agency. It might be about a survey related to the topic of the main news from your meeting. Your sidebar must be newsworthy, recent, relevant and accurate. If you’re not sure if your sidebar is acceptable, run the topic by me any time. See the Week 7 conference for instructions for and examples of sidebars.
You do not have to quote anybody in your sidebar, but you may. Quotations in any news story—no matter how brief, always enhance the story. Do not submit a summary of a Web site, a bulleted list or a list of resources. You must write a news story as your sidebar.
Penalty for not posting a sidebar by the deadline: 2.5 points
5. Online enhancements. 2.5 points Enhance both your meeting story and your sidebar for publication by choosing at least five words(combined; at least one should be in the sidebar) to link to relevant Web sites. Embed the hyperlinks in your story. Do not list them on the side. Choose a combination of articles, organization Web sites, photos, blogs and videos. Link all names and organizations to their Web sites.
In addition, write a discussion questionthat your publication could post online to encourage reader participation and discussion about your topic.

labour marketing

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You are required to write a 1500 word report which analyses the current employment opportunities in your chosen career and field of professional practice. Within this assignment you will demonstrate your ability to:
Chosen career: (labour market) Sports marketing in the united kindgom or canada
Synthesise information from a range of sources
This means we expect to see different sources used including: text books, journals, statistics, websites, newspaper articles, professional bodies etc. You need to show that you are not simply describing research or statistics but that you are analysing and applying this information to your own personal career aspirations.

Assessment Criteria

You need to cover each of the four sections listed below. Try to balance your word count equally between the four main sections.
A critical analysis of current labour market trends (25%)
In this section you analyse current research relating to the labour market. You should analyse the labour market in which you wish to work. For example labour market trends in the UK or a particular region, or another country. You may want to include an analysis of trends in your chosen profession.

An evaluation of the impact of  external factors influencing work and career patterns (25%)

In this section you analyse external factors , you can use an anlysis model such as PEST or PESTLE to guide you in relation to external factors.

An analysis of advertising, recruitment and selection methods related to your chosen career (20%)

In this section you analyse current trends for your chosen career path. How are jobs advertised, typically what kinds of recruitment and selection practices are commonly used within your chosen sector.

Analysis of relevant professional standards andcompetences(includingbehaviours) (20%)

In this section you analyse and synthesise sources of information to determine the standards and behaviours which are required in your chosen career. This information can be found in job adverts, professional body websites and publications,  journals, books etc.


Writing a FILM ANALYSIS of a fiction film, develope a thesis/question

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aper instructions:
Write an analysis of a fiction film, and develop a thesis/ question which has to focus on the  film style of the fiction film you are writing about.
The task must be done after my instruction:The writer  will  need to use an e-book given by my recommendation, which is important for the job.Segmentationlist must also be done correct.1. Develop a thesis that your essay will explain and support. (Give the analysis a question focusing on the filmstyle/ come up with an argument)2. Draw up a segmentation of the entire film ( while watching the movie). 3.Note outstanding instances of film techniques. Introduction: Background information leading up to: statment of the thesis. Body:reasons to belive the thesis. Evidence and examples that support the thesis. Conclusion: Restatement of the thesis and discussion of it`s broader implications.

Science and Pseudoscience in Law Enforcement

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1. Science and Pseudoscience in Law Enforcement: A User Friendly Primer

Scott O. Lilienfeld & Kristin Lanfield

2. Psychological Preemployment Screening for Police Candidates: Seeking Consistency if Not Standardization

M. L. Dantzker



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Chaucer Essay Assignment
Please choose one of the following topics on which to write a substantial and fairly detailed essay. Be sure to identify any information you retrieve from online or printed sources and to clearly and correctly acknowledge and document those sources.
This essay will be submitted through the “Safe-Assignment” system. Please click on the first “Safe-Assignment” View/Complete link  and follow the directions about how to submit your essay. (You essay must be in doc, .docx, .odt, .txt, .rtf, .pdf, or .html file format.) The Safe-Assignment system will check your essay to determine how much of it is indebted to secondary sources. I have enabled its “Draft” mode; this means that the system will check your essay against global and local databases and return the results to you so that you can make sure that any borrowings in your essay are correctly and specifically acknowledged. After you examine the Safe-Assign results and take care of any documentation problems that they reveal, you must submit the final version of the essay by clicking on the View/Complete link in the “Final” Safe-Assignment portal and following the directions that you will receive.
1.       Is the Wife of Bath a positive or negative figure in The Canterbury Tales? Readers of Chaucer have seen her in wildly different ways, from a “gargoyle” representing a lifestyle that should terrify them to an anticipation of a feminist or “ liberated woman.” How does her idea of woman’s sovereignty in marriage contribute to your view of her? What doesn’t she mention in her prologue that one might expect her to, and which might relate her thematically to the pilgrims whom we we look at in Lesson 4? Is she a “feminist”? (50 points)
2.       Kittredge, the critic who postulated the existence of a “marriage group,” thought that the Franklin’s conception of a marriage without an absolute authority—either the husband or the wife—was an ideal solution to the problem of marriage and a good conclusion to the debate. (In fact he thought the Franklin expressed Chaucer’s own opinion.) More recent readers of the tale are not so certain. Does the tale contain details that may undercut Kittredge’s position somewhat? What about the question of “truth”? Can we see Arveragus’s insistence on keeping the empty name of sovereignty in his marriage as, in a way, fostering an illusion? Does this come up again when he forbids Dorigen to ever tell anyone about the affair with Aurelius? What is Dorigen’s motivation in setting the task of the disappearing rocks for Aurelius? Is the use of an illusion an appropriate device in the tale? What do you think of Arveragus’s response to Dorigen’s predicament? Which of the three men was the most noble? (50 points)
Your essay will be due on Sunday, Oct. 6.


Early years education

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Read three articles on Early years education . Then the following disciplines addressed: Paper name, etc. Objectives of paper. Concepts of paper. Variable, methodology, instrument, data analysis and the major findings of each paper. It really is a question of reading the papers and filling out the spreadsheet which I will provide for you.